Back in the middle of 1960 Eng. Lino Tanac owned a factory in Turin for dies for cold steel forming and was one of the many subcontractors for FIAT group. Dies were projected and manufactured according to the technical requirements of FIAT engineers. Doors, mud-guards, hoods for Fiat 850, 124 , sedan and coupe version were manufactured with those dies. Moved in Trieste around 1975 he started to work in the foundry sectors as sales eng. representing various producers of presses, transfers, polishing, die-casting , gravity casting, saw machines, furnaces etc. in the territory of Jugoslavia . Since then all the major brass and aluminium foundries Companies are equipped with machines sold and installed by him and his team. Since the estabilishing of Alta Trade srl he was the leader of this sector and the supplies of foundry machines is growing every year. Of course , after the Yugoslavian collapse, for many years the investments were almost insignificant but nowadays all the factories that survived are aggressivly competing in the market needing therfore a skilled and competent Partners for the modernization of their facilities. On request we may send you the reference list of our sales for machinery and plants for brass and aluminium industry. 

This division is managed by ALTA Servis doo in Kozina, Slovenia.

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